(All prices include HST)

30 minutes:  $84.75
45 minutes: $101.70
60 minutes:  $120.91
75 minutes:  $137.86
90 minutes:  $160.46
120 minutes: $231.65

Due to extremely high demand, all evening appointments from 5pm are only reserved for regular clients. If you are a regular client and would like to book an appointment, please text me at 613-262-1790 with your name, and I will give you a call back as soon as I can, to book your appointment(s).
Thank you!


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Rose Kafanabo is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), and Certified Medical Esthetician.

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Phone number: 613-262-1790

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Post Partum Massage
Therapeutic Massage/Deep Tissue
Swedish/Relaxation massage
Pre-Natal massage

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